Game Trophy Importation Into The U.S.

Game trophies go through clearance process by three agencies. First is USDA who is more focused on “unprocessed/unfinished” trophies. Second is U.S. Fish & Wildlife service whose main responsibility is to identify species, and enforce CITES and ESA regulations including CDC requirements. Third and last, CBP (Customs and Border Protection) who checks on shipper and consignee information and ensures that ALL import requirements have been complied for before signing final release on the shipment.

When you notify us of an incoming shipment or scheduled hunting trip, we will require the details of your hunt and have you complete and sign a customs power of attorney (click here to download). We will track and monitor the progress of your trophies until they arrive into the U.S. and you will be periodically updated via e-mail or fax. We will liase with your p.h./outfitter, dip/pack facility, taxidermist and freight agent so we can organize a smooth and efficient handling and shipping. We also assist in permit applications and insurance claims for losses or damages sustained on your cargo.

Please do not combine your trophy mount shipment with any food products and liquor/wine as there are specific FDA requirements for actual manufacturers of the goods plus liquor license for wines and other alcohol. Non compliance with FDA results in seizure.

The Center for Disease Control/Public Health Office requires an import permit for unprocessed/unfinished primates. Please be aware that Fish & Wildlife in most ports require CDC permits for cleaned, bleached skulls. To avoid delays and unnecessary storage charges, we recommend that you either get the skulls mounted OR secure a CDC import permit prior to shipment arrival. Please go to our links and click on CDC to type and print the import permit application form.